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Sahara Glass Group is one of the leading art glass, glass handling and hardware companies across the United Arab Emirates. We take pride in the excellent standard and reliable quality that we’ve maintained across the years.

Since 2001, we have been providing glass from storefronts to home fronts, both the interior and exterior, wherein our expertise covers large scale windows, domes, skylights to smaller scale wall mirrors, shower enclosures and handrails. With the use of high quality machinery, we offer a wide range of glass techniques including stained glass, sandblasting, fusing, back painting to digital screen printing. Our intricate detailing includes sliding, folding and automatic sliding glass doors.

Sahara’s line of glass processing machinery includes double straight edging machines, straight beveling shape machines, vertical drilling equipment, glass washing and cutting machines, vertical insulating and glass lifting equipment.

We proudly carry the “Royal” brand, offered in the middle east, the G.C.C. region and one that also caters to Europe and other parts of the world.

Glass Art

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“Sahara Glass – Your Trusted Specialist for Exceptional Glass Work Across All GCC”



Automatic Entrance Systems

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Tools and Consumables

Manual Architectural Glass Systems

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“Sahara Glass – Your Trusted Specialist for Exceptional Glass Work Across All GCC”

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